Space is getting ever more congested. The EUSTM project is enabling Europe to be at the forefront of the rapidly advancing space sector to ensure the safety, sustainability and security of space exploration.

Space has never been more accessible than it is today. The number of satellites we are currently deploying is the

STM is getting a prominent place in European space policymaking.

In the past two years, several key European stakeholders have started multiple initiatives and published multiple policy-related documents addressing STM,

EUSTM technical workshop

May 2022 Madrid, Spain On May 12th, after months of COVID restrictions, the EUSTM team finally met for a technical

Guidelines for the Long-Term Sustainability of Outer Space Activities and the Need for Private Sector Engagement

Four years after the establishment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, the relevant UN body dealing with outer

Technologies for space surveillance and tracking

Space debris is a major threat to active satellites. With more than 750,000 debris in orbit larger than 1 cm,

Space Traffic. An imminent threat to human space exploration?

The Kessler Syndrome is the phenomenon of the creation of space junk by the cascading effect of collision of existing

With the ever-increasing collision risk in orbit, a Space Traffic Management (STM) system is crucial to protect our satellites.

The increased accessibility to space in recent times and the miniaturisation of satellites has led to an intense growth of

EUSTM Workshop #2 — Space traffic management stakeholders brought together to discuss goals and trace a roadmap for a European STM capability

EUSTM — Space Traffic Management for XXI Century Space Operations is a comprehensive project to define prerequisites for an autonomous

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