The EUSTM validation workshop was a great success.

Progress was presented by partners with expertise from various aspects of space traffic management such as technical, legal as well as best practices.

The EUSTM validation workshop aimed at addressing three main topics which are related to developing the European approach to Space Traffic Management (STM):

  1. Scientific and Technology Needed Capabilities
  2. New Guidelines and Best Practices Proposal
  3. Strategy, Security, Policy and Legal Aspects

Speakers from the EUSTM consortium, with their expertise ranging from Legal and Regulation, Policy, Security and Governance, Economy, Strategy, Impact assessment, Operational and User perspective, Technology and, Guidelines & Best Practices, presented their research and aligned with each other in order to meaningfully advance the project and its proceedings.

The cross-validation exercise between the different relevant areas of expertise will ensure the final generation of a consolidated and coherent set of recommendations. These recommendations will play an important role in guiding the development of the European approach to Space Traffic Management.

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